The Baggage we Carry

We all carry our own baggage – family issues, heartbreak, sin, hurt. For some of us this baggage is only a carry-on and for others of us, it breaches the 50lb limit every… Continue reading

A Seat at the Table

Bo leaned back in his chair to take it all in again. He could feel his whole-body inhale, and then slowly exhale. These past years were the most peaceful he had felt in… Continue reading

An Open Letter from a Younger Woman to Older Women in the Church

Several months ago I was invited to write an article on discipleship for Moody Bible Institute’s Ministry Magazine. As I thought about the perspectives I could bring to the table, I ended with this… Continue reading

A Story of Power

I have a friend named ‘Power’. Our friendship has morphed over the years—strengthened, weakened, changed. She is a chameleon to her environment, taking on new names at every stage. As a child I… Continue reading

A New Look for the Family in the 21st Century

Emmet’s pub, the new hip place in town. Its simplistic exterior veiled a grandiose interior. As I walked up the steps to its main room and looked ahead, I gazed into a large mirror displayed… Continue reading

A story of Poison.

Her shoulders slouched, head laid low, and eyes locked on the sand below her; ocean water brushed the tops of her feet with each wave. The heat of the day had already set in,… Continue reading

Superheroes of faith

Hebrews 11, the hall-of-faith. I envision something like that of a superhero comic. In its introductory moments you see pictures of men and women, hands on their hips, standing proud, dressed in capes and tight-fitting clothing,… Continue reading

My top 14 of 2014

In honor of 2014, here are my top 14 moments of 2014! 1. Praising in the New Year at IndyCC 2013 2. Pre-gaming with Pavia, and SP leaders training in Colorado   3.… Continue reading

Why Watching “Exodus: Gods and Kings” was a Worshipful Experience.

If you are already preparing your argument opposing this blog, let me be clear about what this article will NOT say. *I am NOT saying that this film accurately depicted the Biblical story *I… Continue reading

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